Ken Wilkinson

With a career that began as a COBOL programmer at the University of Florida, Ken quickly realized that his true passion lay in technology consulting. He’s not just in the business of solving problems; he’s in the business of transforming experiences.

As the Managing Partner of Layer 10 since 2016, Ken has been instrumental in redefining how technology is woven into the fabric of our physical environments. Leading with a design-first, user-centric, product-agnostic approach, he directs the firm’s strategic vision, identifies new opportunities, and ensures Layer 10 remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the built world.

When he’s not in the boardroom or on-site with clients, Ken is a sought-after speaker on the integration of technology into physical spaces. His insights are not just informative but transformative. To invite Ken for a speaking engagement, podcast, or panel discussion, click here to schedule.

Connect with Ken on LinkedIn to stay abreast of his latest thoughts on the synergy between technology and the built environment.

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