We are defining smart spaces.

The human element is the future of technology in physical space.

Revolutionizing Technology and the Built Environment with a Human-Centric Approach

Layer 10 is spearheading the transformation of smart technology design and deployment in commercial real estate projects. Our approach is immersive, seamlessly guiding your development projects through every construction phase.

From conception to deployment and operations, we consider your triumph as our achievement. We step into the role of technology advocate within the design and construction teams, ensuring the perfect blend of innovation and functionality. We efficiently manage communication between your developers, engineering partners, and vendors.

We adopt a precise, user-oriented strategy, enabling us to deploy solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your project. We are committed to delivering on time and within budget, balancing innovative design and practical implementation. Guided by our core leadership principles, our approach creates an organizational culture centered around delivering outstanding client-focused services.

  • Design-Build
    We design and build technology solutions for your physical spaces that enable connections and culture, ensuring seamless integration from concept to completion.
  • Global Advisory
    We provide expert advisory services for your global projects, acting as your Technology Owner's Representative to ensure that technology solutions enhance connections and culture across borders.
  • Managed Services
    We provide managed services to maintain and enhance your smart space, ensuring continuous performance and future readiness through innovative support solutions.
Crafting Extraordinary Experiences: Layer 10’s Human-Centric Technology Integration

A Collaborative Journey to Future-Ready Spaces

When technology and space combine, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. With our design-first, human-centric, product-agnostic philosophy, we create environments that are aligned with both human needs and future-ready technologies. Whether you’re looking at new development or a renovation, we’re your strategic partner in design and implementation.

Our Process, Step by Step

  1. Deep Dive into Project Objectives: It all starts with an in-depth consultation. We align with developers, owners, operators, and tenants to gain a holistic understanding of your project’s needs, goals, and limitations.
  2. Human-Centric Analysis: We make it our mission to understand the people who will occupy the space. From their needs and desires to habits and limitations, this analysis ensures that the final design enriches human experience.
  3. Blueprint for the Future: Our team crafts an initial design that seamlessly melds technology into the built environment. No compromises here; we enhance human experience while preserving aesthetic and functional integrity.
  4. Refinement through Collaboration: Through iterative design, we tailor the concepts to your project’s specific requirements. We collaborate closely with architects, general contractors, and technology integrators to align visions.
  5. Unbiased Tech Selection: Thanks to our product-agnostic standpoint, we choose technologies purely based on how well they fulfill the project’s needs. We then bring in manufacturers and integrators capable of delivering these optimal solutions.
  6. Precision in Implementation: Layer 10 oversees the final steps, ensuring that the technology fits neatly into the overall design, coordinates with other trades, and above all, enhances the human experience.
  7. Handoff and Ongoing Support: We don’t just walk away. Post-implementation, we guide you through the transition to operational support, and even offer managed services to ensure long-term functionality.
  8. Lifelong Partnerships: Our clients stick with us. And that’s not just talk; our 100% client retention rate among developers and tenants says it all.
  9. Education and Evolution: The built environment is constantly changing, and so should your team’s skills. We offer training sessions to help your team stay ahead of the curve in technology design and deployment.

Beyond Gear, We Deliver Experiences

At Layer 10, we see the untapped potential of technology to elevate the human experience, without ever compromising on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the space.

With us, you’re not just buying gear; you’re investing in a smarter, more efficient, and ultimately more human future.

Designing Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

Are you prepared to challenge the conventional and embrace innovative design solutions? Explore how our cutting-edge design strategies can bring a new dimension to your project. Let’s collaborate to design spaces that not only meet but exceed your aspirations.

Your journey to exceptional design begins here.