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The Story of Our Founding

In early 2016, Ken Wilkinson and Josh Herald began a series of conversations about their experiences leading the IT infrastructure components of building out new space. For Ken, it was DaVita’s first headquarters building in 2010 in downtown Denver. Shortly thereafter, Josh led the build of a new wing at Boulder Community Hospital. At the time, they were both working for the same project management firm. As luck would have it, six years later they each found themselves back at DaVita delivering new work. Ken had been rehired as an independent consultant to repeat his role for their second office tower. Josh was delivering on a Disaster Recovery project.

Over the course of several months, the two of them formed a plan to launch a firm focused solely on this space. At the time the vision was simple – senior project leadership of IT infrastructure for new spaces, primarily office. They shared their idea with several people working in development, architecture and construction. Everyone loved the idea. Over the course of those discussions, their vision evolved to what it is now – Designing and deploying technology for the built environment. In October of that year, Layer 10 was born.

In the six years since, Layer 10 has more than tripled in size, grown our client base and developed proven leadership principles to guide our expanded service offerings. We now work not only in office and healthcare, but also multi-family, hospitality and entire community developments. We engage our clients in discussions about the future and how technology can be applied to today’s most challenging problems and to enhance how we experience the spaces we live, work and play in.

Meet Our Team

  • Ken Wilkinson
    Managing Partner

    Ken began his career in 1994 as a COBOL/CICS programmer working in the IT department of his alma mater, The University of Florida (go Gators!). His career soon turned towards consulting and he hasn’t looked back. Ken enjoys identifying problems and identifying technology solutions to addresss them. Since getting his first taste of IT infrastructure management in 2009, Ken has been obsessed with bringing technology to the spaces we occupy.

    As Layer 10’s Managing Partner, Ken is responsible for setting strategic direction for the firm, identifying new opportunities and ensuring the team remains focused on the mission – Integrating technology into the built environment.

    Ken loves talking about the intersection of technology and physical space. If you have a project that needs a focus on technology, or if you would like to schedule him to speak at an event, you can schedule time with him here.

  • Josh Herald

    An engineer by training, Josh has spent more than 21 years leading teams and leveraging technology to help organizations solve their most complex challenges. He has extensive management consulting experience in project management, data center operations, process transformation, operations management and business continuity. His work spans multiple industries, including retail, publishing, finance, healthcare and natural resources. Josh is known for his problem-solving mindset and ability to streamline processes to improve team performance.

  • Traci Peterson
    Partner and Managing Consultant

    Traci is an IT expert with more than 18 years of experience in IT operational management and technology-related projects. As a senior executive and management consultant, Traci has guided large teams in executing enterprise technology implementations and turn-around projects. She has deep expertise in program management, team leadership, strategic planning, business analysis, quality assurance and customer relationship management.

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    Traci has spent most of her career serving large healthcare organizations. She’s seen firsthand how technology can help teams work more effectively, if the technologies are chosen wisely and designed to support the way individuals and teams actually work. Responsible for the day-to-day operations including financial and administrative aspects of the company.
  • Jesse Schroffel
    Principal and Managing Consultant

    Jesse brings almost 10 years of PMO development and global management and technology consulting experience to the Layer 10 team. A proven cross-functional leader, Jesse has special expertise in program governance, finance, business strategy and transformation, portfolio budget management and project delivery. He has helped drive business strategy execution for clients in a variety of sectors and industries, including healthcare, education, food and beverage, electronics and commercial relocation services.

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    Over the course of his career, Jesse has shown a unique ability to build lasting relationships based on trust and respect. He is particularly interested in helping clients to enrich their workplace cultures through thoughtful technology choices. As Managing Consultant, Technology Design, Jesse will help develop and deliver digital workspace solutions that enhance team performance.
  • Andy Doyle
    Managing Consultant

    Andy has over 25 years of experience in technology leadership, including enterprise and consulting leadership roles. Andy’s strong client relationships, analytical skills and broad technical knowledge are key to his success.

Layer 10’s approach to technology design incorporates User Design Thinking methodologies to ensure the needs of those occupying the space are placed before the capabilities of the available technology. We call these discussions the “Art of the Possible”.

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