Revolutionizing Neurodiverse Spaces: Ken Wilkinson Discusses Trailhead Community on The Art of Construction Podcast

Discover Layer 10’s groundbreaking work in the Trailhead Community project, a multifamily development tailored for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Join our founder, Ken Wilkinson, as he shares insights on this ground-breaking project on the Art of Construction podcast, recorded live at the Trailhead Conference.

Key Podcast Highlights:

  • Layer 10’s innovative role in designing the Trailhead Community for the neurodivergent.
  • Our design-first approach in creating inclusive, user-centric spaces for adults with I/DD.
  • Ken Wilkinson’s expertise in blending technology and design to enhance the human experience in real estate.

Stream the Full Episode Below or Listen on Your Favorite Service:



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