Josh Herald

Josh brings over two decades of diverse experience to his role at Layer 10, where he serves as an integral leader overseeing both operations and people. Trained as an engineer, he has dedicated 25 years to leveraging technology to address complex organizational challenges across a variety of industries—ranging from retail and publishing to finance, healthcare, and natural resources. His expertise in project management, data center operations, process transformation, and business continuity has made him an invaluable asset.

Beyond his technical prowess, Josh is known for his exceptional leadership skills. He not only has a knack for identifying and solving problems but also possesses a unique ability to streamline processes that elevate team performance. One of Josh’s standout qualities is his focus on culture as a lever for operational excellence. He believes that people are the cornerstone of any successful project, and he’s passionate about fostering a work environment that empowers individuals to excel. This emphasis on culture-first leadership makes him a pivotal figure in driving Layer 10’s mission forward, aligning technical solutions with human-centric design for results that resonate.