Management & Support Services

We manage and support your vision for a smart space.

A Partnership For Success

We bring the human element to emerging smart building and smart city technology–and that includes our available ongoing support services. The technology designed and built into the space must have a robust operational support model and the appropriate staff to manage it. Relationships with our clients are built on trust because we are committed to executing and supporting your vision throughout the lifecycle of your property.

Featured Case Study:

DaVita “Casa Vida” Build

DaVita, Inc. approached Layer 10 in early 2016 to lead the design, build and implementation of all technology components for their new building in the Union Station neighborhood.

Support Services Include

  • Develop and implement an appropriately scaled support model for resiliency
  • Deploy a lasting operational support model for a property constantly reinventing itself and evolving
  • Develop continuous improvement processes for regularly challenging the status quo and enhancing the user experience
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Staff and manage support of all infrastructure elements

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