Design-Build Services

We specialize in technology solutions for physical spaces, seamlessly integrating design and build services to foster connections and culture.

Vision and Strategy for Your Space

Our design begins with your vision, creating a roadmap tailored to your needs through comprehensive design consulting. We transform this vision into reality, starting with a user experience focus rather than just a tech-forward approach. Acting as your “Technology General Contractor”, our team is dedicated to designing and building environments that enhance the way people live, work, and interact.

Featured Case Study:

Trailhead for Inclusive Living in Littleton

Empowering Inclusive Living: Layer 10 is honored to play a pivotal role in shaping this innovative community.

From Design to Build: A Seamless Transition

As we shape the future through innovative design, our build team prepares to bring these plans to life. This transition benefits from our integrated approach, where communication is streamlined and every detail is meticulously planned to align with your strategic objectives.

Empowering Design for Life and Work

Discover how we use technology to create adaptable experiences through our SMART Technology Plan (STP), which aligns each project step with our mission. Our design philosophy emphasizes resilience, preparing a scalable infrastructure for tomorrow.

Expert Implementation and Building Services

Our build services extend beyond mere construction, involving expert vendor selection, comprehensive partner management, and alignment with strict schedules and budgets. We ensure that every solution is not only engineered to specifications but also perfectly integrated into your space.

Strategic Technology Investment and Implementation

We provide detailed business cases for technology investments, ensuring they offer long-term benefits. Our build process is designed to execute these technologies efficiently, ensuring seamless deployment and robust implementation.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

We build on the foundation set by our designs, creating a future where technology continuously adds value. Our approach includes managing physical IT assets and overseeing procurement and contracts to maintain integrity and high standards throughout the implementation process.

Unwavering Support for a Dynamic Future

Ready to turn your well-crafted designs into tangible reality? Our comprehensive approach to design and build ensures precision, quality, and efficiency at every stage. Learn how our managed support services provide continuous improvement and resilient support to keep your space thriving.

Step into the Future with Integrated Design and Build Services

Join us and experience the power of integrated design and build services that bring your projects to life with unmatched quality and efficiency. Contact us today and begin your journey to a dynamic, seamlessly integrated space.