The Cost of Ignorance: Embracing IT Integration in Commercial Real Estate

Welcome to the Latest Insights from Layer 10’s Building Tomorrow Series

In this edition of our Building Tomorrow series, we’re taking a closer look at a critical yet often overlooked aspect of commercial real estate development: the strategic integration of Information Technology (IT) from the onset of design and build projects. 

The Forgotten Step-Child: IT’s Crucial Role in Design-Build Projects

Our journey begins with a revisitation to our first installment, “The Forgotten Step-Child: Why IT is Often Overlooked in Design-Build Projects,” where we highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in how IT is perceived in the commercial development process. This week, we dive deeper into the tangible consequences of sidelining this integral element. 

The High Price of Late Adoption

Through our direct experience, we’ve seen the pitfalls of underestimating IT’s role. A notable instance involved a client who, before engaging with Layer 10, encountered substantial issues by not considering IT in their project’s initial stages. This oversight, particularly in adding EV charging stations to a parking garage, led to functional failures and additional costs – a stark example of the repercussions of treating IT as an afterthought. 

Evolving Industry Perspectives: The Layer 10 Viewpoint

Since our inception seven years ago, Layer 10 has witnessed and influenced the shift in the industry’s approach to technology integration. Initially, our focus was on educating clients about the importance of early IT consideration. Today, we’re seeing a positive change, with clients increasingly acknowledging the necessity of IT, although still navigating the intricacies of its implementation. 

Technological Advancements: Reshaping Commercial Spaces

The rapid and revolutionary pace of technological innovation is redefining the standards in CRE. We are at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, advanced BMS, and sustainable energy management solutions, which are fundamental to the modernization of building design, construction, and operation. 

A Human-Centric Approach: Designing with IT in Mind

A core tenet of Layer 10’s philosophy is the human-centric approach. We advocate for the inclusion of IT from the project’s inception, ensuring that technological implementations enhance, rather than hinder, the human experience. Overlooking IT not only leads to increased retrofitting costs but also misses out on opportunities to make buildings more adaptive and user-friendly. 

Preparing for Tomorrow: The Flexibility of IT Infrastructure

Future-readiness in CRE hinges on the adaptability of IT infrastructure. We encourage our clients to invest in flexible, robust systems capable of accommodating emerging technologies. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that buildings are not only equipped for current demands but are primed for future advancements. 

Looking Ahead: The Right Technology Partner

In our next edition, “The Right Partner: How Bringing in the Right Technology Partner Can Make All the Difference,” we will dive into the impact of choosing a suitable IT collaborator on your project’s success. 

Conclusion: Building a Future-Ready World

Layer 10 is committed to transforming traditional spaces into sustainable, future-ready entities. We invite you to join us on this journey, ensuring your projects are not just built for today but are ready for the innovations of tomorrow.