Introducing the Building Tomorrow Series: The Essential Role of IT in Design-Build Projects

Welcome to the Building Tomorrow Series

At Layer 10, we’re excited to launch our Building Tomorrow series. This isn’t just a newsletter sequence; it’s the beginning of a dialogue that could culminate in our first book. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore the integral role of IT in the built environment – from its frequently overlooked status to the hidden costs of sidelining this crucial aspect in design-build projects. 

Episode 1: The Forgotten Step-Child of Commercial Development

In the commercial development world, acronyms like AEC, OAC, and MEP dominate the conversation. But where is “T” for Technology in these industry standards? Historically, the responsibility for technology design, implementation, and support has been fragmented and often overlooked, leading to significant issues later in the project lifecycle. 

The High Cost of Ignoring Technology

The consequences of relegating IT to a secondary role can be severe: project delays, budget overruns, compromised functionality, and a disjointed user experience. This oversight not only affects the building’s occupants but can also impact the long-term value of the property. 

The Ripple Effect of Afterthought Technology

When technology is an afterthought, its impact can be profound, affecting everything from security to energy efficiency, user experience, and even the project’s reputation and profitability. 

The Landscape vs. Network Debate

Imagine leading a high-end commercial development only to find that despite the elegance and luxury, the space is marred by inadequate Wi-Fi or a flawed security system. Such scenarios highlight the essential need to prioritize robust digital infrastructure alongside physical design elements. 

The Hidden Costs of Poorly Integrated Technology

The implications extend beyond immediate functionality. Inefficient technology integration can lead to increased maintenance costs, system downtimes, and even legal liabilities, emerging as unforeseen expenses that can burden a project long-term. 

The Layer 10 Approach: Integrating IT from Day One

At Layer 10, we advocate for a design-first, human-centric, product-agnostic approach, ensuring that technology is a foundational element from the beginning of any project. Integrating IT early on fortifies the foundation and enhances the entire building’s functionality and user experience. 

A Call to Action for the Industry

As the industry evolves, it’s crucial to rethink the role of technology in our projects. Ask yourself: could your project benefit from giving IT a seat at the table? If so, it’s time to act.  

Next in Our Series: “The Cost of Ignorance: When IT Becomes a ‘Necessary Evil'”

Stay tuned for our next edition, where we’ll explore the repercussions of delaying IT integration. This discussion will underscore the importance of early IT involvement and the risks of treating it as an afterthought.