Layer 10 Partners with Denver Botanic Gardens on Chatfield Farms Expansion

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens in the exciting expansion and improvement project at Chatfield Farms in Littleton (Chatfield Farms | Denver Botanic Gardens). Operating in an advisory capacity as the Technology Owner’s Representative, Layer 10 is proud to bring our expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance the visitor experience and operational efficiency at this cherished community landmark.  

The $40 million improvement project, set to break ground next month, marks a significant evolution for Chatfield Farms. The first phase, with a $13.2 million budget, aims for completion by next January. It includes the construction of a new 3,800-square-foot welcome center, a redesigned parking lot, and modern restrooms, establishing a “whole new front door” to Chatfield Farms, as noted by Chatfield Farms director Larry Vickerman.  

Further enhancing the visitor experience, the Borgen Family Market Square will transform the current parking lot into an outdoor event space featuring food truck hookups, a bandshell, and a lawn for gatherings. This move aligns with Denver Botanic Gardens’ vision of increasing visitor engagement and offering enhanced amenities, such as grab-and-go food and drink options at the new welcome center.  

With over 200,000 visitors last year and expectations for significant growth, the improvements at Chatfield Farms are poised to elevate the site’s appeal and accessibility. The project’s second phase will introduce a 13,000-square-foot education center, providing indoor classrooms and an education garden, among other enhancements.  

At Layer 10, we are committed to supporting Denver Botanic Gardens’ mission of creating a better visitor experience and extending its reach beyond its physical locations. Our role in this project involves advising on and overseeing the integration of smart technologies that will make Chatfield Farms a more engaging, accessible, and sustainable destination for all visitors.  

This partnership underscores our dedication to leveraging technology to enrich community spaces, and we are honored to contribute to the future of Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together.  

For more information on our services and projects, please visit our Services page: Services | Layer 10. 

Let’s cultivate a brighter future together.