Project Spotlight

Layer 10 and Miller’s Landing: Pioneering the Future of SmartTowns

Layer 10’s Groundbreaking Journey in Developing Miller’s Landing

Layer 10 Consulting, in collaboration with P3 Advisors and Intel, is at the forefront of creating Miller’s Landing, a revolutionary 65-acre SmartTown in Castle Rock, Colorado. This innovative project, set to open in 2025, aims to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into various aspects of community life, including housing, business, recreation, health, and commerce. 

A Blueprint for Future SmartTowns

Miller’s Landing stands as a testament to what future communities can achieve. Layer 10’s unique design-first, human-centric approach ensures that technology is an integral part of the town’s fabric, enhancing user experience and promoting environmental sustainability. The project prioritizes scalability, ensuring Miller’s Landing is not just for today but a model for future developments.