Navigating the #ReturnToWork Trend: Why the Built Environment Needs IT Now More Than Ever

The world of office spaces is rapidly evolving. A recent article from the Denver Business Journal highlighted the shifts and challenges faced by coworking spaces like WeWork. Yet, it’s not just about one company’s trajectory. The entire landscape of how spaces are utilized and valued is changing, particularly in this era of hybrid work. 

Understanding The New Normal

Here’s what’s happening: 

  • Coworking and flexible office spaces, despite facing some obstacles, are increasingly viewed by landlords as essential amenities to attract and retain tenants. It’s not just about occupancy anymore; it’s about delivering superior experiences.
  • Suburban coworking is on the rise. With hybrid work settling in as a mainstay, office spaces closer to where the workforce resides are becoming increasingly valuable.
  • Quality over quantity is the new norm. CBRE data shows that current leases are about 29% smaller than in 2018 and 2019. However, tenants now prioritize higher-quality spaces that enhance the work experience. 

What This Means For Developers, Owners, and Property Managers 

It’s crystal clear: the old methods are becoming obsolete. Sticking to them could lead to significant financial losses. Properties that aren’t innovative and adaptable will soon become liabilities instead of assets. 

Navigating the New Workspace Era

The intersection of IT and the built environment is a critical element in today’s changing landscape. Layer 10’s commitment to a design-first, user-centric, product-agnostic approach ensures that the human experience is at the core of these transformations:  

Workspace Flexibility: With tailored IT solutions for hybrid settings, we can mold spaces that cater to changing workforce dynamics.

Suburban Solutions: We ensure that growing suburban coworking spaces are technologically equipped to meet modern demands.

Human-Centric Spaces: Our focus on the human experience ensures your spaces are not just functional but immensely conducive to productivity and satisfaction.

Future-Readying: Partnering with us means your spaces remain relevant, adaptable, and in demand for years to come.

The cost of inaction in this new workspace era is steep. Every unevolved space is not just a revenue loss but a missed opportunity to establish industry leadership. 

Take The Bold Step Forward

Developers and owners: It’s time to act. Equip your spaces for the future, and be a trailblazer in this new age of work. 

Engage with Layer 10 today. Let’s redefine the future of workspaces together. The future waits for no one. Embrace it, lead it, own it. 

Photo by myHQ Workspaces