Project Spotlight

Layer 10’s Pioneering Tech Solutions in DaVita’s Casa Vida Project

Layer 10 Leads Technological Revolution in DaVita’s Casa Vida Building 

In early 2016, DaVita, Inc., a leader in healthcare services, partnered with Layer 10 for a groundbreaking project: the design, build, and implementation of all technology components in their new Casa Vida building, located in the vibrant Union Station neighborhood of Denver. In partnership with Aquilano Leslie and Saunders Construction, this project represented a significant technological leap forward for DaVita. 

Overcoming Challenges: On-Time Delivery Against All Odds

The Casa Vida Build posed immense challenges, not least of which was the tight timeline dictated by DaVita’s lease expiration. With absolutely no room for delays, Layer 10 was tasked with ensuring that the building was not only ready for occupancy but fully operational from a technological standpoint. Our goal: zero downtime, with all tech components functioning flawlessly from day one for each move group. 

Despite facing unforeseen hurdles, including an unexpected 5-week shutdown and a major business sale that necessitated a complete redesign of the building’s occupancy plan just a month before the start of Tenant Improvement (TI) construction, Layer 10 adeptly navigated these complexities. A major decision involved relocating the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), a critical component in the building’s tech infrastructure, due to the elimination of two floors from the TI scope. 

Project Specs

267,000 ft2
1,200 employees
Over 6,000 connected devices

Services Provided:

Data and Voice Connectivity
Wireless Networking
Cell Signal Boosting
Music and Sound Masking
Collaboration Tools and Videoconferencing
Digital Signage
Access Control and CCTV
MDF/IDF Infrastructure