Project Spotlight

DaVita, Inc. “Casa Vida” Build

DaVita, Inc. approached Layer 10 in early 2016 to lead the design, build and implementation of all technology components for their new building in the Union Station neighborhood, scheduled to complete late 2018.

The Challenge

Aside from the sheer magnitude of the project scope, the greatest challenge to the success of the Casa Vida Build was timeline. With a non-negotiable lease expiration on their previous space, there was no room for schedule slips or missed deadlines. Not only did the office need to be ready for occupancy, the space had to be useable. All of the technology components needed to be operating without issue on day one, for each move group, without exception. A single lost day of work was not an acceptable outcome for us or our client.

Not surprisingly, many unexpected obstacles presented along the way including an unplanned 5-week shutdown mid-build and the sale of a significant portion of the business one month prior to the start of TI construction, requiring a complete redesign of the building occupancy plan and eliminating two floors from the TI scope, resulting in a relocation of the MDF.

Project Specs

267,000 ft2
1,200 employees
Over 6,000 connected devices

Services Provided:

Data and Voice Connectivity
Wireless Networking
Cell Signal Boosting
Music and Sound Masking
Collaboration Tools and Videoconferencing
Digital Signage
Access Control and CCTV
MDF/IDF Infrastructure

The Solution

By engaging Layer 10 early in the design phase, DaVita was able to incorporate technology requirements and opportunities into all design elements of the build, even furniture.

As TI construction began, Layer 10 took on the role of “Technology Owner’s Rep” representing the IT requirements with the GC, MEP, architects and core and shell team. With project management boots on the ground managing the day-to-day implementation across multiple technology partners and client resources, we were positioned to respond quickly to issues and redirect resources accordingly.

At the conclusion of the build, Layer 10 developed operation support guidelines and coordinated hand-offs of all work to the client’s internal staff. In a well-run project, ops support actually begins during detailed design. We ensure nothing is being built into the space that does not have a clear and reasonable operating plan.

Throughout all phases of the project, our responsibilities included executive design leadership, project management, IT vendor selection and management as well as financial management of the technology budget.

The Results

Despite the significant scope, aggressive schedule and unexpected challenges realized along the way, our client’s move dates were met with 100% IT readiness, lease commitments on the previous space were upheld, and we experienced zero IT outages after each move phase. Additionally, the final cost of the technology, accounting for all change orders, came in within 5% of budget.

Most importantly, the feedback from the DaVita teammates was remarkable. Highlights included the pervasive wireless, new video conferencing technology, wayfinding digital media and showcase 4K video wall in the lobby.

Layer 10’s approach to technology design incorporates User Design Thinking methodologies to ensure the needs of those occupying the space are placed before the capabilities of the available technology. We call these discussions the “Art of the Possible”.