Introducing the SmartTown Philosophy

SmartTown is a design philosophy that focuses on user needs to scale smart city technology to smaller mixed-use developments. Unlike other approaches that focus on technology first, then attempt to tailor it to the needs of users, SmartTown employs a people-centered approach. This approach ensures that a design meets user needs before selecting technology.


P3 Advisors, LLC, the developers of Miller’s Landing, worked in partnership with the leading smart city technology design and consulting firm Layer 10 Consulting to design Miller’s Landing and the SmartTown methodology.

Our people-centered approach ensures the design of the technology used at Miller’s Landing meets user needs before we determine what specific technology to deploy. This is a far cry from the typical one-size-fits-all approach common in the technology sector. For us the role of smart city technology is simple – to help people live smarter lives. And that’s what we’re doing at Miller’s Landing.

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